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Indiana Lions Speech and Hearing, Inc. provide, free of charge, informational booklets on a variety of topics related to speech/language and hearing. These booklets are available in individuals, organizations, schools, and health care providers in INDIANA. Your local Lions Club can request the quantities of each you desire or you can contact one of the Speech and Hearing Trustees. Booklet topics and a brief overview of each follows:
About Hearing Loss - discusses 2 main types of hearing loss, the warning signs, hearing aids and how to select the right one for you, other treatments for hearing loss, and sources of help.
About Living after Stroke (Brain Attack) - discusses afteraffects of stroke, how it can have an effect on speech, how to cope, and what to expect.
About Speech and Language Disorders - discusses the speaking system, possible problems and causes, avenuse to address and correct problem, and give information on how to foster good communication skills with children.
About On-The-Job Hearing Conservation - explains hearing conservation, how we hear, the affects of noise on our health, how much is too much noise, and types of hearing protection.
Your Child's Hearing - explains the types of hearing loss, the affect it can have on children, the causes of hearing loss, the developmental ages of hearing skills, the help that is available, parental responsibility, and what to look for at school.
About Stroke- discusses stroke, the symptoms, and what to do if a stroke occurs.
Noise and You - explains how we hear, types of hearing loss, common noises we are exposed to, how to reduce noise at home, ear protection for home, and explains noise abuse outside the work place.
About Learning Disabilities - explains what is a learning disability, causes of learning disabilities, preschool problems, school related problems, psychological effect, what parents can do, and school and home responsiblitites.
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